Self: March 2016

Back in the ‘old days’ – when I was about 17, and doing my A-Levels I would self portrait quite a lot. Quite frankly, nobody would be my model so I just kinda substituted myself. I had to, and it even led me to do a 365 photography project. A photo a day, every day of myself. I learnt a lot during that project, and would fully advise anyone to do one!

To be quite honest, I quite enjoy it really. It’s quite fun to get behind the camera and have a little play – especially when you learn just how hard it is to pose! I fully take my hat off to models who can pose freely and fast – and look awesome. It really is an art!

So, when the days started to finally give us some lighter afternoons, I decided to whip out my nifty fifty and enjoy some natural light in my office. There was only two photos I was happy with, so here they are! A little updated photo of yours truly :)
Self 001Self 003

Char x